My Story


In January of 2014, my story took a plot twist.  A day that started out like any at the track, left me paralyzed from the waist down, among several other injuries.  Little did I know at that time, my life would be completely turned upside down. The extent of my injuries was a dislocated and shattered T12 vertebrae damaging my spinal cord, fractured ribs and sternum, punctured lung, dislocated left shoulder and hip, and sheared the head off my femur.  After 3 months in the hospital and rehab, I was finally able to return home. During those 3 months, I had to relearn how to get dressed, move around in a wheelchair, relearn my body and how it works, relearn how to drive and get in and out of the car. Once I got home, life didn't get any easier.  My family had to move and remodel a house and life at home was a major adjustment for the entire family.


Although the first year after my crash came at a huge learning curve, I am proud to say that by the grace of God and my faith in my path to recovery was guided by him.  I believed there was a larger purpose for my life and where it was to lead me. I want my story to be one that read of perspective and inspiration, regardless of where my recovery and physical condition would leave me.

That is how I have ended up here today.  I've always had a competitive gene and once you have it you always have it.  I knew to be healthy mentally I had to find something to channel in to right away.  My original goal was to get into downhill mtn bike racing. I knew I needed to get my fitness back in order to get into it, so I quickly started building a fitness routine and looking for options for a paraplegic.  I found some CrossFit stuff online and started to use it to improve my fitness. I then found Wheelwod and discovered in the meantime I could do some competing there. As I got into competing in CrossFit I found myself hooked.  That drive has led me to build a career in Adaptive CrossFit and competing on a global level. My fitness has allowed my independence to soar, despite being in a wheelchair. I can do so many things on my own and have been allowed to be apart of so many activities others wouldn't expect.  God has opened so many doors and despite the challenges I face on a daily basis, I have been able to show others that we can be so much more than the limits that are put on us.

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Attack Weakness is my mantra.  I believe we tend to measure adversity and look at some challenges to be more difficult than others.  As someone who has experienced what is thought to be an extreme tragedy I can tell you their not. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical, emotional, financial, relational, whatever, all adversity is equally challenging to the beholder going through it.  

But then how do we handle that adversity successfully?  We all have strengths and weaknesses, and adversity tends to show are weaknesses more clearly.  I think if we put our attention to working on our weaknesses, attacking them, that’s how we become stronger and overcome adversity.  Just little by little, day by day, attack and improve on our weaknesses and we will eventually overcome.